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The kettle you can control from the comfort of your own bed

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Aug 7th, 2014 5:31:34 pm
by Thomas Banks
Technology Expert

The first ever Wi-Fi kettle is the ultimate in time saving technology

Time saving is taken to a new level thanks to the first ever Wi-Fi kettle

Technology is making the world move a lot quicker but there hasn't been anything to save us from waiting around for the kettle to boil. Until now that is.


The newly launched iKettle is the first ever Wi-Fi kettle meaning you can control it from anywhere in your house.

The iKettle is designed for any "urgent hot drink scenario" allowing you to stay watching TV on the sofa or grab a few extra minutes in bed whilst your kettle and phone do all the hard work.

Jam packed with features

Four different temperature settings mean you can programme the kettle for the drink of your choice, allowing you to impress fussy green tea drinkers who say it should never be brewed over 80 degrees. Once the kettle is boiled you will receive a message asking if you're ready or would you like to keep the water warm until you are ready. Suddenly you have your very own tea boy.

"Get the £99 iKettle for free with Product Testing"

iKettle's wake and home modes acts as your very own personal butler. When you wake up your phone will have a message "Good morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on?" Welcome home mode asks you if you want the kettle turned on as soon as you come through the front door, no need for "honey I'm home" anymore.

Other features include boil dry protection stopping an empty iKettle from boiling. Customise your iKettle with different skin colours and interchangeable user interfaces in the mobile application.

Save £100

The iKettle retails for £99 but you could get it for get it for free thanks to Product Testing. Product Testing is looking for testers to test, review and keep the iKettle. Product Testing is free to join and you could save £100 if you are selected to test and keep the iKettle.

How to join Product Testing today

Step 1
Click this link for the iKettle and complete the simple sign up form.

Step 2
Complete the survey.

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