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If You Are Not Shopping Through This Site You Are Wasting Money

author louise kemp2
Mar 10th, 2014 3:57:11 pm
by Louise Kemp
Retail Expert

In UK Evening News opinion the best site for you to use is Cashback.co.uk

Start Getting Money Back

The boom of online shopping continues to grow and grow in the UK. Statistics for 2013 show that online spending continued to reach new highs. Boxing Day 2013 was the biggest and busiest day ever for online retailers in the UK. With 129 million visits made to retail sites and 17 million hours spent browsing and shopping online. In the UK we are spending more online per person than any other country in the world. Forecasts are predicting that UK online shoppers will have spent £87 Billion in 2013, which is a mind blowing number. So with such staggering amounts being spent online how would you like a share of some of that money? Well there is an easy way you can.


By using online cashback sites you can earn money for your online shopping. When you want to purchase something online, instead of going to the site directly, just visit the site through a cashback site and you will get paid for your purchase. As you can see it is a very simple and easy process and now you can start earning money back for your online spending. This is still a relatively new market and there aren't a lot of cashback sites to choose from. In UK Evening News opinion the best site for you to use is Cashback.co.uk. This site was created in 2003 meaning they have 10 years of experience in the cashback market and is a highly trustworthy site. Consumer trust is a vital part of the online shopping boom and 70% of the UK said they felt secure when paying online for products. It's important you have that trust in a cashback site as well and Cashback.co.uk's experience and reputation in the market will earn that trust. The site is full of helpful testimonials from countless happy users.

Free and easy to use

Using Cashback.co.uk is as about as simple as it can be. Sign up is free (you should never be paying a fee to join a cashback site) and easy to do. When you are registered the site is clear and easy to use. The home page has links to the best cashback offers the site has to offer. Here you will be able to find lots of fantastic offers that will not only save you money but also allow you to receive cashback. There is a search tool so you can find specific retailers quickly and easily. You can also browse retailers by categories so you can shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal available. Once you have found the retailer you want to shop with all you have to do is click on the retailer then use the "Visit Site" button. You will then be taken to that site and can you carry out your purchase as normal.

When it comes to saving money or making money there are very few no brainers. You should be getting cash back on your purchases. Cashback.co.uk makes it really easy for you to get cashback on your online shopping. Join Cashback.co.uk today and start earning some money back for your online shopping.

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