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Earn Money With Online Surveys

author simon bond2
Dec 5th, 2014 4:29:40 pm
by Simon Bond
Financial Analyst

Paid Surveys has made making extra money from surveys a really simple process


The easy way to earn money

Ever since its creation the Internet has been seen as a way for people to make quick and easy money. There have been popular fads that have faded away just as quickly as they have appeared and of course there have been lots of scams.

Throughout all this one earning source has stood the test of time and continues to grow stronger. This is online surveys. So why have completing surveys online become such a popular option for people? Here at UK Evening News we decided to find out for ourselves.


The first thing to know about completing surveys online is that each individual survey doesn't pay that much. In fact it's often below a £1. So it's clear that to earn a decent amount you have to complete a lot of surveys.

Now the surveys themselves do not take long to complete and I often completed them whilst watching the television or cooking dinner. Finding the amount of surveys I needed to complete appeared to be my biggest problem. Then I came across Paid Surveys and suddenly I was seeing the real value of online surveys.

With any earning source on the internet there are good, reliable and trustworthy sites and then there are sites looking to take advantage of you. When I started looking for surveys I found I was wasting all my time trying to find the good sites and avoiding the bad ones. I wasn't earning any money. Paid Surveys brings you all the best sites in one place.

In one afternoon I had signed up to over 20 survey sites that I found on Paid Surveys. Suddenly I was earning £25-£50 a day and each day I would receive multiple surveys for me to complete and earn on.

Meet the people making money through surveys

I am certainly not the only one to have seen such a benefit from Paid Surveys. I spoke to lots of people who have found the same results as me. Karl Fletcher has a full time job and has been using Paid Surveys to boost his income.

"My wife and I have recently had another child so I was looking at ways to boost my income. I used Paid Surveys to help me find a host of survey sites that will pay me just for completing their surveys. I spend 30 minutes every evening completing them and the extra money I have earned has been invaluable. Paid Surveys has really made it easy for me to earn this extra money."

Hannah Martin is mother to 3 children and for her Paid Surveys has helped her bring in an extra income to help with her bills. "When the kids are at school I do have some spare time during the day. Since going to Paid Surveys I have been able use that time to make some extra money for the household. With the way prices keep raising this extra money is really important to my family."

Paid Surveys hasn't just helped people with families make extra money to pay the bills. I spoke to a strong contingent of students who have found Paid Surveys a big help in giving them some extra money.

Graham Carter has been studying at the University of Portsmouth for 2 years. He needed extra money to cover the costs of studying but didn't have the spare time to get a job. Paid Surveys has helped him earn money without interrupting his studies.

"My course is very advanced and takes up a lot of my time. I needed some extra money to help with the cost of being a student but I couldn't afford to make the time to get a part-time job. Paid Surveys has made making extra money from surveys a really simple process for me. I spend a little time each day doing surveys and I'm bringing in enough money that now I only have to worry about my studying. Paid Surveys has really made life a lot easier."

Paid Surveys is a must use site

So as UK Evening News set out to find what was making online surveys such a popular income booster we stumbled across a gem of a site called Paid Surveys that really helped us see the value in taking surveys. We found why surveys online is such a popular option because it's actually quite a good bit of fun.

Everyone has opinions and now we have found a way to make money through these opinions. The biggest stumbling point I found was the time it took to find enough surveys to be earning good money. Thankfully I we found Paid Surveys and this problem was eradicated.

So UK Evening News highly recommends surveys as a way to earn extra money but make sure you use Paid Surveys and soon you to will see why online surveys are so popular.

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