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Start removing your debt today

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Jul 25th, 2014 11:20:21 am
by Simon Bond
Financial Analyst

Debt Management Centre negotiates directly with the people you owe money to and take all the hassle and stress out of paying back your debt.

Rising levels of debt

In recent years more and more UK households are finding themselves in debt. A recent report by Credit Action states that personal debt in the UK stands at £1.46 trillion.


Now the UK is starting to take action to rid themselves of debt. The Citizens Advice Bureaux has issued advice on millions of debt issues. It is important to get help to solve your debt problems and there are number of debt agencies that can help. Debt Management Centre is a debt agency that has helped out thousands of people across the UK.

Debt Management Centre will help you pay back your debts in one affordable weekly or monthly payment. Debt Management Centre negotiates directly with the people you owe money to and take all the hassle and stress out of paying back your debt.

UK Evening News spoke to Francis Lowden, 38 from Warrington in Lancashire. Francis turned to Debt Management Centre for help 3 months ago. "My debt had got out of control. I needed to pay back more than I could afford each month. It was just getting worse and worse. Debt Management Centre sorted out a monthly payment that I can easily afford. I'm starting to get on top of my debt and it is all thanks to Debt Management Centre."

Skilled team of experts

Debt Management Centre was created by a team of skilled and passionate experts who have over 20 years of experience in helping clients deal with their finances when things start to go wrong. Their aim is to help you manage your debt without the need of further borrowing.

Christian Guy is the director of The Centre for Social Justice. He said "Years of increased borrowing, rising living costs and struggling to save has forced many families into a debt trap that is proving very difficult to escape. Some of the poorest people in Britain are cut off from my mainstream banking and have no choice now but to turn to loan sharks and high-cost lenders."

Help is at hand

This is not a long term solution for debt and it is very important to get professional help if you are struggling with debt. Companies like Debt Management Centre are designed to help people pay off their debt without having to borrow more money.

Elsa Grey, 27 from London, is another person who used Debt Management Centre to help her with her mounting debt problems. "The service is quick and easy to use and very quickly I was given just one monthly payment. The worry and stress of my debt was overwhelming, I'm so glad I got help and Debt Management Centre has been invaluable for me."

If you are in debt you are not alone, it is a problem that a lot of the country are finding themselves in. The best thing you can do is get help to repay your debt before it gets any worse. Thanks to companies like Debt Management Centre it has never been easier to get the help you need today.

See how Debt Management Centre can help you today

Readers of UK Evening News can see how Debt Management Centre can help you with your debt today by following these easy steps

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Complete the form and Debt Management Centre will structure a deal to help you pay off your debt

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