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How to Improve Your Credit For Free

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Oct 10th, 2014 12:13:19 pm
by Simon Bond
Financial Analyst

Experian CreditExpert is a fantastic service and I recommended to the majority of people I talk with.

The Importance of Your Credit Score

Your credit score and your credit history are vital parts of your life. This statement is in no way an exaggeration. Your credit score is tied to you and has an effect on every financial decision you make, be it a major one or a minor one.

Your credit score is used in far more decisions than you actually realise. Everyone should already be aware that a low credit score will affect you applying for a bank card, loan or mortgage. Your credit score goes beyond this and can affect what rate you can borrow money, what insurance rate you will have to pay and it can even affect your employment opportunities.


Whether you think you have a low credit score or a high one you should still know exactly what your credit score is. There is a common misconception that by checking your credit score you will lower it. This is not true, when you yourself request your credit score it will not lead to your score being lowered.

UK Evening News spoke to Thomas Marsh, an expert in personal credit. He told us "Understanding your credit score is vital to maintaining or improving your credit rating. Credit scores are used by lenders to decide whether or not they lend you money or extend you credit."

Improving Your Credit

There are thousands of people in the UK who are not getting the credit they deserve because they are not managing their credit score effectively. Experian Credit Expert will help you manage your credit score and help you get approved for more credit at better rates.

Experian Credit Expert is a service that will not only let you find out your credit score they will also compile a credit report for you. These reports will help to give you a clear view of all your credit history so you can make sure your credit score is correct.

As well as this Experian Credit Expert can give you help finding credit products matched to your credit score. They will give expert in-depth advice on how to improve your credit score. As we have stated before this is vital to so many aspects of your life. Experian Credit Expert will also give you an accurate view of what a lender will see in your credit report.

Highly Recommended Service

Nigel Sargent has been an adviser for Tredwell Financial Services for 17 years. He specialises in personal credit and household debt. "Too many people in the UK don't know enough about their credit score". He told UK Evening News. "It has too much of an effect on your life to not be aware of it. Experian Credit Expert is a fantastic service and I recommended to the majority of people I talk with. It is a great financial tool and it can save you money short term and really improve your credit score in the long term."

Experian Credit Expert is offering a completely free 30 day trial. During that 30 days you can get unlimited access to your credit report and score, you will receive expert advice on improving your credit rating and you will get help finding deals that suit your credit rating.

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