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How you can earn £1400 online

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Nov 13th, 2014 3:27:55 pm
by Simon Bond
Financial Analyst

I was just keen to get started on going through the offers and getting that lump sum. It is good having such a lump sum.

Earning money online in a safe and secure way

We have all seen countless websites online promising to help you earn money. These sites often turn out to be scams or just plain fail to deliver. So is it possible to earn money online?

UK Evening News has found a website that is actually regularly paying its members. Sarah Bennett from Leicester was paid £1065 by Paid Offers last month.


"I saw an advert for it and then joined and starting completing the offers." She told UK Evening News. "I did get my money and once I got the money in my bank that's when I felt like I would start recommending it. I have put it on Facebook to say that I had received my money and it is a legitimate site."

Completing simple offers to earn money

Paid Offers rewards their members for completing simple offers from popular brands. "Our idea is simple." The founder of Paid Offers told UK Evening News. "Anyone can use it to make money from home. We advertise well-known brands products on our ladder. When a member completes an offer we get paid a commission by that company. We just share that commission with people who want to earn some extra money to help make ends meets. If you have some spare time to complete these offers then you can yourself extra money."

Sarah told UK Evening News she was happy to complete the offers. "I do believe in this because companies will pay commission to get new customers so I didn't have a problem believing that was true. And I was just keen to get started on going through the offers and getting that lump sum. It is good having such a lump sum. Most of them were fine because some of them were just little surveys which were quite quick to do."

Sarah is far from alone. UK Evening News has learned that over five thousand men and women looking to earn extra money online have turned their attention to Paid Offers.

A great way to earn extra cash

Professor Deborah McCann, an expert on wages and personal spending told UK Evening News: "If I wanted some extra cash to ease things at home, or help me pay my bills, I'd say this was well worth trying. It's an exciting move-on from plans for making money online that were impossible to make work. These people appear to have found a genuine way for people who need extra money to make it. Everyone looks to come out of this a winner."

Paid Offers is free to join and readers of UK Evening News can earn as much as £1400 by completing the offers on Paid Offers.

How you can join Paid Offers today

Step 1
Click this link for Paid Offers and complete the short sign up form at the bottom of the page

Step 2
Complete the offers to earn money


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