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Be a secret diner and eat for free

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Jan 20th, 2015 5:07:53 pm
by Fiona Wells
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Who wouldn't want a free meal? I had a great night out and I didn't have to pay a penny!

Eat for free at a host of great restaurants

There is only one thing better than a tasty meal at a great restaurant and that is when someone else pays the bill.

Well that is exactly what Product Testing want to do. Sign up to be a secret diner and you can eat for free at a range of top restaurants.

PT secret diner

Amber Mitchell, 26, from Bristol joined Product Testing and was selected to be a secret dinner. Amber was given a free £50 voucher for Nando's.

"It was a really nice surprise." Amber told UK Evening News. "Me and my boyfriend are saving for a house so we don't get to eat out much. To have a free night out was a wonderful treat. We had a great meal and it was fun reviewing our whole experience at Nando's."

Secret diners needed

Product Testing is free to join and they give away free products or secret diner opportunities every single day. If you're selected to be a secret diner you will get a £50 voucher for a night out at popular restaurants like Nando's, TGI Friday's, Pizza Express, Strada, Zizzi, Yo! Sushi and many, many more.

Aaron Lee, 36, from Sheffield, was selected as a secret diner and was given a free £50 voucher for Pizza Express. "Who wouldn't want a free meal?" Aaron told UK Evening News. "I had a great night out and I didn't have to pay a penny. This time of year free money is always very welcome. It was really easy to join the site and I completed their survey and I was chosen as a secret diner."

Special Valentine's Day offer

For a limited time only Product Testing are given out a £100 voucher for a special Valentine's Day secret diner experience. If you'd like to celebrate Valentines Day with a free £100 voucher click this UK Evening News exclusive Valentines Day link here.

If you fancy a free night out at one of the country's favorite restaurants then join Product Testing today and complete the survey for your chance to be a secret diner.

How to become a free secret diner with Product Testing today

Step 1
Click the link here for Product Testing

Step 2
Sign up to the site and then complete the survey

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