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How you can get a free Gucci bag

author fiona wells2
Mar 18th, 2016 12:07:11 pm
by Fiona Wells
Lifestyle Expert

It's such a beautiful and expensive bag and it's mine for free

Desirable and sought after bags

Gucci is perhaps the most well known fashion label on the planet. it is also one of the most sought after brands. Gucci has a feel of exclusivity about it which makes women crave it even more. Well you can enjoy the Gucci brand for yourself without paying a fortune because you can get a Gucci bag worth £650 for free.

Fashion review site Product Testing is giving away free Gucci bags for their members to review and keep.

free gucci bag

Amelia Fuller was given a free Gucci Soho Leather bag after joining Product Testing last month.

"I was amazed I got it for free." Amanda told UK Evening News. "It's such a beautiful and expensive bag and it's mine for free. I love it, it's super stylish and I try and show it off as much as I can."

Review and keep a Gucci bag for free

Product Testing has been giving away free products since 2012 and a new product tester is selected every day. It's free to join and once you complete a short offers survey you could be selected as a product tester. Then you'll be sent a brand new Gucci Soho Leather bag, worth £650, to review and keep.

Natalie Walker was also given a free Gucci bag by Product Testing.

"I didn't expect it to be this easy." Natalie told UK Evening News. "I only joined because it was free and now I'm delighted that I did. I saved a huge amount of money and got this fantastic bag."

For your chance to get a free Gucci bag join Product Testing today. If you're selected you'll be given a Gucci Soho Leather bag worth £650 to review and keep.

How to join Product Testing

Step 1
Click here for Product Testing

Step 2
Sign up for free and complete the short offers survey