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Top 10 Online Dating Disasters

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Mar 5th, 2014 10:14:42 am
by Fiona Wells
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We can't all be in loving, long-term relationships. The nearest my friend came to true love was on a Club 18-30 holiday in Kavos, when a drunken Geordie lass threw her arms around his neck, kissed him passionately, then threw up over the floor.


But thanks to the genius of dating websites, finding Mr or Miss right is much easier now. It doesn't always work first time - as the following stories demonstrate - but more and more couples are finding love online. Just be careful to choose the right dating site though. Sadly the following people didn't do their research ...

1. Simon, Accountant, Age 32

"I really like Asian girls, so I was excited to meet this babe from Japan. Her profile sounded lovely - intelligent, sweet, caring - so I booked a posh restaurant. There was just one problem: she didn't speak a word of English. It was the longest hour of my life."

2.Laura, PA, Age 28

"I spent ages browsing through profiles and finally settled on an athletic looking guy who claimed he was a lawyer. The first thing he said was 'Do you own your own house?' When I told him I rented he made an excuse and left. I wonder what he was after?"

3.Anna, Architect, Age 34

"My date booked an expensive restaurant. It specialised in steaks. I'm a vegetarian, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the meal, he said he'd left his wallet at home. He apologised profusely as I picked up the tab. He promised to pay on our second date. I never heard from him again".

4.Pete, Stock Broker, Age 30

"I exchanged several emails with one girl before we met. I had high hopes: she said she enjoyed the finer things in life. I got suspicious when she didn't want to go wine tasting. I soon realised why. She was eight months pregnant."

5. Luke, Teacher, Age 25

"My biggest mistake was leaving my profile on screen when my mates came round. When I left the room they secretly arranged dates with about half the girls in Britain - and obviously not the pretty ones either".

6. John, Banker, Age 29

"I'm not proud of this, but after a wonderful date with an American girl she invited me back for coffee. I had high expectations until she announced she was deeply religious and didn't believe in sex before marriage. I climbed out of her bathroom window and ran."

7. Chloe, Interior Designer, Aged 40

"I was roped into online dating by my gay nephew. I met a handsome divorcee who was a bit old fashioned. I liked him. He was chivalrous and knew how to treat a woman. All went well until I suggested a second date in Soho. He wasn't keen. 'Too many gay people' he said."

8. Ben, Surveyor, Age 31

"I went to a restaurant with a girl who described herself as 'fun loving'. After half a glass of wine she started playing footsie with me. After half a bottle she reached under the table and started to unzip my trousers. I was certainly up for afters, but didn't think it would be in public."

9. Sandra, Secretary, Age 35.

"A lot of men lie about their age, but one date really took the biscuit. His profile described him as a young Robbie Williams. When he turned up he looked more like Robin Williams."

10. Oh No!

No testimonials here - just an old favourite. Did you hear about the man who found his wife on a dating site? They were already married.

Of course, a lot of these disasters happened because our love seekers didn't use reputable dating websites. The world is full of chancers looking for a quick fling or a one-night stand. But if you're serious about finding someone special - and building a relationship that lasts - go to an established site like, which is the most recognised serious dating service worldwide.

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