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How To Make The Best Tasting Coffee For Free

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Oct 31st, 2014 4:27:02 pm
by Fiona Wells
Lifestyle Expert

I completed the survey and then a week later I was selected to test the Nespresso. I'm absolutely over the moon.

Bring down the cost of coffee

Britain is no longer a land of tea drinkers. Instead coffee has become our most popular drink. Last year alone we spent £730 million on coffee.

We are spending more and more money on coffee machines as well. Last year £56 million was spent on just the pods for coffee machines. This is a lot of money to spend on our favourite drink but now you enjoy the finest tasting coffee for free.


Looking for testers

Product Testing are urgently looking for testers to test and keep Nespresso coffee machines. Natasha Roberts, 36 from Stoke-on-Trent, is one of many testers already chosen to test a Nespresso Magimix Coffee Machine.

"I drink lots of coffee." Natasha told UK Evening News. "I always wanted a coffee machine that can make amazing coffee but they are just too expensive. A friend told me about Product Testing and I joined right away. I completed the survey and then a week later I was selected to test the Nespresso. I'm absolutely over the moon, and it was all free."

UK Evening News spoke to the Managing Director of Product Testing and she told us they were looking for lots more testers. "We want to help consumers decide what coffee machine to buy. The reviews we get from our testers are fantastic and they really do help buyers make up their minds. For this to work we need as many testers as possible. If you're reading this we need you to test products for us."

The Apple of coffee machines

Coffee machines are becoming more and more popular in this country. Nespresso is the best known coffee machine thanks to their George Clooney campaign. "I used a Nespresso at home and would seriously consider it for restaurant use." said chef and restaurateur Mat Follas. "Nespresso is the Apple of pod-machine coffee." Said Stuart Brown, a branding expert for the Brown Communications company.

As well as Nespresso coffee machines Product Testing are also looking for testers for the Tassimo Fidelia Coffee Machine.

Kieran Ward, 24 from Lincoln, was one of many Tassimo testers. "This is brilliant." He told UK Evening News. "I saved so much money by getting the Tassimo for free. I even got a month's supply of coffee pods with it. Just by completing a short survey I was selected to test the coffee machine. My review sits proudly on the Product testing site now."

Readers of UK Evening News can save over £100 by signing up to Product Testing and completing their survey. Then you could be chosen to test your choice of a Nespresso coffee machine or a Tassimo Fidelia Coffee Machine.

How to join Product Testing today

Step 1
Click this link for the Nespresso coffee machine and complete the simple sign up form or click this link for the Tassimo Fidelia. Or you could even sign up for both.

Step 2
Complete the survey.