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How to become a Product Tester

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May 20th, 2016 3:07:52 pm
by Fiona Wells
Lifestyle Expert

I can't believe they gave me a free iPhone. I was in shock when they told me

How you can get great products for free

It's only human nature to want something for nothing. Wouldn't it be great if you could get some of the hottest products around for free? That's what could happen if you become a product tester. You could get to review and keep a host of great products.

Review site Product Testing give away free products for their members to review and keep. These reviews are shown on the Product Testing website as consumer advice. It's real reviews by real people with no bias or agendas, just an honest opinion.

Just one look at the Product Testing website shows the wide range of products they give away. There are expensive bags from brands like Michael Kors or the latest smartphones like the iPhone 6s. They also give away useful things like pushchairs and cooking utensils. You can even get gift cards to your favourite shops and restaurants.

Review and keep products for free

Product Testing have been giving away free products since 2012 and new products testers are selected every week. It's free to join and you can apply to review and keep as many products as you like. If you're selected to become a product tester you'll be given your chosen product for free to review and then keep.

Lisa Baker was one of many chosen to be a product tester for Product Testing.

"I can't believe they gave me a free iPhone. I was in shock when they told me. I saved so much money and all I had to do was an honest review."

For your chance to review and keep free products join Product Testing today. If you're selected you'll be sent your chosen product to review and keep for free.

How to join Product Testing

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Click here for Product Testing

Step 2
Sign up for free to become a product tester