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How a cup of tea is helping new mums lose their baby weight

rebecca law
Mar 24th, 2015 5:22:43 pm
by Rebecca Law
Health Reporter

I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle and Skinny Boo has helped me feel more energetic, much healthier and its helped me lose weight


The cup of tea helping with weight loss

A mother of two has started an internet sensation, after posting her amazing weight loss results and revealing it's all down to a cup of tea.

Melissa Martin, from Oxford, was looking for ways to lose weight after giving birth to her second child, Becca, after struggling to do so when her first child, Liam, was born.

What Melissa discovered was a new detox tea, Skinny Boo and the results have left the 28 year old amazed.

"I was thrilled with the results I saw." Melissa told UK Evening News. "When Liam was born, I dieted and tried to exercise as much as I could but the weight wouldn't come off. I saw on a forum how detox teas, like Skinny Boo, can help with weight loss. After Becca was born I tried to eat healthy and fit in a bit of exercise. Only when I started drinking Skinny Boo did the weight start to drop off. I'm delighted with how Skinny Boo has helped."

Proven weight loss

Skinny Boo is a detox tea that is designed to be part of a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that the unique blend of natural ingredients and green tea can lead to burning more fat when exercising.

"It's the healthiest thing I can think of to drink." Says Christopher Ochner, PhD, an expert in nutrition. "Green tea is beyond superfood. There could not be a simpler way to improve your health."

Melissa is far from alone in her weight loss success. UK Evening News has spoken to countless other Skinny Boo drinkers who have been just as impressed with their weight loss results.

Kathlyn Hale, 24, has been drinking Skinny Boo for two months and she told UK Evening News she was, "over the moon with the effect Skinny Boo has had. I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle and Skinny Boo has helped me feel more energetic, much healthier and its helped me lose weight."

Healthy, natural weight loss

Whilst other teas claim healthy, natural weight loss many have failed to deliver or create uncomfortable side effects. Skinny Boo is created to be part of a natural, healthy lifestyle.

"We are a natural health and well-being company." The founder of Skinny Boo told UK Evening News. "We produced the Skinny Boo Detox Tea to help people feel and look fabulous. We promote a healthy lifestyle over quick fix diets. Our aim is to help with consistent long term weight loss, through drinking tea and following a healthy lifestyle."

Try Melissa's weight loss discovery for yourself

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