Teatox cuppa helps Lindsey, 25, win ‘Big Day’ weight loss battle : UK Evening News

Teatox cuppa helps Lindsey, 25, win 'Big Day' weight loss battle

author kelly jones
Oct 7th, 2014 2:38:07 pm
by Kelly Jones
Healthy Living Reporter

It all has to come off the hips, for me, and I was really struggling. I could tell by the way these girls were talking that they’d discovered something that they really felt worked.

Bride to be saved by teatox tip she overheard on bus home

Bride to be Lindsey Stansfield was this week setting off on her honeymoon, thanking her lucky stars she eavesdropped a weight-loss conversation between two women sitting in front of her as she travelled home from work less than a month before her wedding.

Lindsey, from Eastbourne in East Sussex, was struggling to get anywhere near her wedding dress weight with just four weeks to go to her big day, when she overheard the women discussing the breakthrough teatox drink, SkinnyBoo.


"I was pretty desperate", Lindsey told UK Evening News. "Getting weight off is never easy for me and with 4 weeks to go I was 6 kilos off my target weight. It all has to come off the hips, for me, and I was really struggling. I could tell by the way these girls were talking that they'd discovered something they really felt worked."

'Cleanse your body' Skinny Boo is key to real weight loss

Searching on her phone for 'Skinny Boo', the product being discussed by her fellow passengers, Lindsey quickly discovered the new, 'miracle' teatox winning rave reviews from slimmers all over Britain.

"Teatoxing helps you cleanse your body while it increases your vitality, metabolism and natural immunity", Lindsey explains. "So you're more responsive to dieting and exercise. But Skinny Boo takes it up a level."

Lindsey wasted no time, ignoring Skinny Boo's offer of free samples to order a full month's supply of what she saw as her 'last chance' to fit into her dress.

Returning to her lapsed twice weekly workouts, and banning herself from sweets, desserts and biscuits until after the wedding, Lindsey then dropped an amazing 6.8 kilos in 4 weeks to fit perfectly into her size 8 dress for her wedding to fiance Simon, a firefighter.

A scientifically backed way to help you lose weight

According to Amy Mills, spokesperson for Skinny Boo, Lindsey's pre-wedding weight-loss is no surprise. "Skinny Boo has a unique blend of natural weight loss activators. Oolong Tea that helps you burn fat faster, Mate Green that increases your metabolism and increases the amount of gastric acid you produce, and Nettle Leaves that help you detox. It has a great taste, and when people try it, providing they're dieting and exercising sensibly, they're amazed by how effective it can be."

Professor backs up Lindsey's pre-wedding weightloss miracle

"Nettle tea leads to very successful results in healthy weight loss regimes," explains Physiologist, Professor Edward Lennon. "Another ingredient in Skinny Boo, Oolong tea... increases the body's ability to burn off fat which will mean you will lose more weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle."

Try out Lindsey's Skinny Boo weightloss teatox for yourself.

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