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Discover the newest celebrity weight loss trend

rebecca law
Dec 5th, 2014 12:56:37 pm
by Rebecca Law
Health Reporter

I usually start my day with a cup of detox tea, I have like 12 cups a day - Kendall Jenner


The celebrities turning to tea to lose weight

Kendall Jenner is fast becoming one of the biggest names on the catwalk. But how does the 18 year old star of keeping up with the Kardashians, manage her amazing look?

Kendall Jenner has become the latest celebrity to join the detox tea craze. "I usually start my day with a cup of detox tea," Jenner told American entertainment channel E! news. "I have like 12 cups a day."


The celebrity craze has also landed on these shores with Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson. The 23 year old model recently tweeted about starting her detox after returning from New York. Lucy posted a picture posing with a pack of Skinny Boo, a detox tea.


Skinny Boo is one of the newest and most popular detox teas in the UK. At Skinny Boo they promote leading a healthy lifestyle and their detox tea is made to help you lose weight when combined with exercise.

A natural way to lose weight

The unique and natural blend used in Skinny Boo is designed to help your body burn off more fat when you exercise. Skinny Boo helps increase your metabolism and aids in converting food into energy to burn more calories.

"We are a natural health and well-being company." The founder of Skinny Boo told UK Evening News. "We produced the Skinny Boo Detox Tea to help people feel and look fabulous. We promote a healthy lifestyle over quick fix diets. Our aim is to help with consistent long term weight loss, through drinking tea and following a healthy lifestyle."


As the Hollywood A-listers and celebrities continue to drink detox teas the trend is bound to continue to grow and grow in the UK. Stars like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are posing on Instagram enjoying their cups of tea. It is clear that detox tea is the most popular way to detox and lose weight.

How to join the latest celebrity weight loss trend

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