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How the iPhone 6 can be yours for free

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Jan 12th, 2015 2:46:31 pm
by Maria Lawrence
Entertainment Correspondent

I was amazed when I won the iPhone 6. All my friends are dead jealous and have all joined My Offers.

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New discovery leads to free iPhone 6 for one lucky student

A thrilled student has caused an online frenzy after her post about saving over £500 by getting a brand new iPhone 6 for free went viral.

Olivia Clarke, studying at the University of Plymouth, was browsing the web looking for the best deal on a new iPhone 6 to replace her broken mobile.

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Olivia's discovery, competition website My Offers, has left the 20 year old completely stunned.

"I was in total shock when I won." Olivia told UK Evening News. "I could see there were lots of winners on the site but I was amazed when I won the iPhone 6. I needed a new phone and it was free to join and enter, so I gave it a go. All my friends are dead jealous and have all joined My Offers."

Hundreds of winners

Olivia is far from alone. UK Evening News has learned that My Offers have selected over a hundred winners in the last few months. Prize's range from brand new iPhones, like the one Olivia won, to £2000 spends at Asda and even luxury cars.

My Offers is free to join and once you are a member you can enter as many competitions as you like. Signing up for a competition is quick and easy and best of all it is totally free.

"This is a fantastic way for people in the UK to save some much needed money. When you can win a £550 phone, like the iPhone 6, for free why wouldn't you try that?" Said Allen Jones, a senior analyst for a leading consumer retail service.

The iPhone 6 was launched in September to huge admiration from their loyal fans. Already considered as the best iPhone ever, it has been flying off the shelves since its release.

Free to enter competitions

Michael Davis, 28 from Cambridge, has been entering competitions on My Offers for 6 months. "I've won a couple of big prizes and a few of the smaller ones already. As it is free to play I enter as many competitions as possible. You can earn more entries by answering some advertiser questions. They are worth doing as you get more entries and more chance of winning."

If you don't want to pay over £500 for a new iPhone head to My Offers and it could soon be yours for free.

Win an iPhone 6 with My Offers

Entering the competition to win a new iPhone 6 is quick and simple, just follow the 2 steps below.

Step 1

Click the link here for the My Offers iPhone 6 competition

Step 2

Complete the short registration for your entry

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