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How to get this year's must have beauty product for free

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Mar 24th, 2015 5:16:12 pm
by Jenny Appleton
Beauty Editor

I was looking for the best price for eyeliners. To get such a good product for free is fantastic

In demand beauty product being given away for free

An excited student who took to the internet to boast about how she got this year's must have beauty product for free has started an internet craze among women looking to save money on makeup.


Kate Walker, from Stretford in Manchester, was browsing for the best price on the Benefit Gel Eyeliner when she discovered a website giving them away for free.

The site Kate discovered was Product Testing and it has left the 19 year old and her friends totally stunned.

"I still can't really believe I got this for free" Kate told UK Evening News. "As a student money is always tight so I was looking for the best price for eyeliners. To get such a good product for free is fantastic. When they arrived in the post I was shocked, on the site you can see other people have gotten other great stuff for free but until it arrived I wasn't sure. I can assure you this site is totally genuine."

Revolutionary eye liner

As any woman would happily tell you the Benefit Gel Eyeliner is a hugely popular product and it has been described as the years must have product. It is the first ever lash-hugging gel liner styled like a pen for easy application allowing women to achieve an effortlessly gorgeous look.

"The Benefit Gel Eyeliner is a revolutionary product, the first of its kind. It has made it ridiculously easy to apply eyeliner and it produces a fantastic, long lasting look. There has been so much positive hype around this product throughout the industry and the sales have been very strong. I'd say it's the best beauty product of the decade," said Emily Hall who hosts a popular beauty and fashion show on TV.

More testers needed

When UK Evening News spoke to the founder of Product Testing he told us they were still looking to give away lots more Benefit Gel Eyeliners. "The reviews we have been getting from our customers have been fantastic and hopefully it's helping people to decide what make-up to buy. We are still looking for lots more testers like Kate."

Kate is not the only person to benefit from Product Testing's generosity. Just by browsing their website you can see how many products have been given out. Hayley Clarke, 24 from Ipswich, also received the Benefit Eyeliner for free. "I'm delighted with this. I signed up for the site, completed the short survey and was selected to receive the eyeliner. It arrived really quickly and now my review sits proudly on the Product Testing site. It's such an easy way to get free stuff."

Readers of UK Evening News can save lot of money by signing up to Product Testing and completing their survey. Then you could be selected to test the Benefit Eyeliner.

How to join Product Testing today

Step 1
Click this link for the Benefit Gel Eyeliner and complete the simple sign up form.

Step 2
Complete the survey.